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Live to See Cancer Cured was co -founded in 2012 by Cameron Washington, a native of New Orleans and childhood cancer survivor. Since his diagnosis, he has been an ambassador for pediatric cancer awareness and helping newly diagnosed kids adapt to the “New Normal” in their life. After his diagnosis of an inoperable Tectal Glioma, 8-year-old Cameron, with the help of his family, had to recreate his life of simply being a kid. His inability to do the things he once enjoyed, like playing sports or just sitting in the sunlight, gave him the drive to find things that he was able to do to enjoy his childhood again. Through the PLEASE Foundation, Cameron was the first recipient of the prestigious Joseph McCloskey Schmidt five year high school scholarship. Thanks to local organizations, such as The Please Foundation, that share our mission, Cameron discovered a passion for photography, a new sense of self-love, and most importantly a desire to help kids adjust to life with and after cancer. Ultimately, Cameron learned that he is as resilient as the city he was born into and wanted other kids to feel the same. 

Cameron Washington and his aunt Lenia Segura created the Live to See Cancer Cured Foundation to provide support for and champion for kids with cancer by creating a “New Normal” inspiring them to fight hard despite the expiration date given to them by their doctors. They strongly believe that helping kids create a new perspective is the best way to help them become survivors that grow up paying it forward, by helping other kids live their best life after cancer and  establish their New Normal.



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