Together we can change the world!

Together we can change the world!

Together we can change the world!Together we can change the world!Together we can change the world!

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.“

Our Mission


To improve the lives of those affected by pediatric cancer and create a “New Normal” so kids can still be kids.  

Our Purpose: We believe in advocating for kids and their families as they start this voyage called cancer. We help them define their "New Normal" for their life after treatment and continue our support after their treatment has ended.  #lsccthenewnormal

Our Vision: We are raising awareness for  childhood cancer, helping families cope with the financial and mental stresses that develop on this journey, and we continue to fight for the cure so no one else will have to endure cancer.

A Unique Leadership Opportunity Awaits YOU


Are you interested in helping a child diagnosed with cancer? Are you interested in building meaningful relationships? Are you interested in helping kids find their new prespectives to create the new normal for themselves? If you answered YES, Giving just three hours of your time, can help a child create their New Normal and live a quality life after cancer.

Thank You


Live to See Cancer Cured depends on Volunteers and Donors for a variety of functions critical to the operational success of the organization.  The BIGGEST THANKS!! For all that you do in support of our cause.

Why We Exist - To Understand Our Purpose, you must first understand His Journey.

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